Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Anthony's 4TH Birthday

Hello to everyone who blogs I have these words to say. Tuesday October 13TH, 2009 was my nephew Anthony's 4TH birthday. I can't believe my youngest nephew is 4 years old. Anothony has to go to school on his birthday which he didn't like. I don't blame him because I hated going to school on my birthday too whenever my special day landed on a weekday. However I always made the best of it and so did Anthony. In honor of Anthony's special day I baked mini cupcakes for him and his class. I started baking at 9:25 a.m. and I had all the supplies I needed to make mini cupcakes thanks to my sister Jessica. To make sure that I had enough cake batter to make 24 mini cupcakes I filled each cupcake baking cup with 2 tablespoons of cake batter and it worked. Whenever I make cupcakes they always come out as big as muffins and I always ended up with 12 cupcakes because I filled the baking cups with a really big spoon. Now I know that I should use a table spoon instead of a really big spoon if I want 24 cupcakes instead of 12. It took me a half an hour to fill up 24 baking cups but at least I was able to borrow my neighbor Nora's cupcake tray because I only have one and I would of had to bake 12 cupcakes at a time instead of 24 at a time. When they were ready the cupcakes came out beautiful. My mom and Jessica were happy about how nice the cupcakes turned out. Jessica did the honors of putting frosting on each cupcake and they all different colors because my sister used food coloring. Rainbow sprinkles were also added to make the cupcakes look even prettier than they were. I borrowed Nora's big tub aware to carry the cupcakes in to bring to Anthony's school. Jessica and I also brought Capris sun juice pouches and goodie bags I made the night before for all the kids in Anthony's class. There was one thing that both Jessica and I forgot to bring and that was a candle. I couldn't believe that the both of us forgot to bring a candle for Anthony's birthday cupcake. Oh well things happens and people forget sometimes which is why I believe nobody is perfect. Anthony's party at school was too short and Jessica said she nevers wants to do a other school birthday party ever again. I told my sister not to do Anthony's party at school however I had my birthday parties in school as well but they were longer and better. Anthony had a doctor's appointment on his birthday which is such a drag but at least he got it over it. I waited for my sister and Anthony to come home that way Anthony can finally open his birthday presents. My mom gave Anthony a new video game called Wii Play for the Nintendo Wii, I bought Anthony Whack a Mole a game that you whack a mole with a mallet and it lights up. Anthony really likes it because he likes to hit stuff so that game is perfect for him. My boyfriend Angel gave Anthony a surface charger with two rechargeable battery packs for the Nintendo Wii. Jessica was happy with that gift because now she doesn't really have to buy batteries for the remotes anymore. Before my family cut a cake for Anthony I had to run to the library to return Around The World in 80 Days on DVD before the library closed because October 13TH was the due date. After I returned the DVD on time my mom drags me with her to the supermarket because she didn't have a clue what kind of cake to get for Anthony. I really believe that my mom would be so lost without me sometimes. My mom bought Anthony bought a chocolate cake with marshmellow icing which Anhtony likes. I still can't believe that my youngest nephew is four years old but he is still my baby.

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