Friday, September 18, 2009

Summer is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello to everyone in the blogging world. I hope everyone had a good summer because I know I did. But as we all know the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. That means summer is over!!!!!!!! No more crazy heat waves, summer activities or whatever it is people do in the summer that they don't do in the fall because of countless reasons that I don't feel like naming right now because I said so. The first day of fall is on Tuesday September 22ND, 2009. At least that's what the calender said. My mom and I even put away all my summer clothes for next year. My mom said that I have way too many tan tops. What can I say Old Navy had a lot of major sales before summer began and I wasn't about to miss any of them. I even put away tan tops that I haven't wore yet. I guess I'll wear them next year. Normally around this time I'm back in school but due to my age I can no longer attend the GED high school I attend from September 2008 to June 2009. If anyone from Access GED is reading this I just want you to know I miss being a student at Access but I'm turning 22 on Sunday October 4TH, 2009 and I refuse to break the rules of the board of education about the age limit that a person can be a high school student. However I'm still going to try to get my GED diploma. I do have some clothes for the cold weather but I think I would like to buy new clothes before winter. I'm going to miss summer but the fall is not a bad season at all. A lot of things are coming up like the animate festival. I'm going with my boyfriend Angel, our friend Justin who I like to call Candy Boy because he eats too much candy, and a friend of Angel's who flying in from Florida. Plus the month of October has 3 birthdays. My birthday which is on October 4TH, my nephew Anthony's birthday is on October 13TH, and last but not least is my 2ND older sister Jessica's birthday which is on October 28TH. I like to call October birthday month. Of course there is Halloween and Thanksgivings which as we all know are popular fall holidays. In otherwords I hope everyone has a great fall.

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John G said...

Hi Kritstine!
I don't know why, but I JUST noticed your comment from July 30. I read that you didn't pass this time. All of your teachers were pretty bummed. I know I was, and still am. Ms. Linda's been in touch with you. Are you SURE you don't want to try just one more time? You really never (ever) know, and I know that we would all LOVE to be able to see you at Access if not for just one more time. We're all VERY BIG Kristine fans.