Thursday, September 24, 2009


Out of all the three powerpuff girls my favorite is Bubbles. She is so cute and sweet!!!!!!!!! I've always loved Bubbles because of her cuteness but she is tough so don't underestimate her. I found some Bubbles pictures please enjoy them. Picture number 1 is Bubbles watering the flowers. Bubbles likes flowers because they're pretty.
Picture number 2 is Bubbles posing. To me it looks like it's her victory pose.

Picture number 3 is Bubbles dressed as a bride. I think Bubbles really makes a beautiful bride. I wonder who is the lucky guy to have Bubbles as his bride?

Picture number 4 is Bubbles flying. Her name is above her that way you will know who she is.

Picture number 5 is Bubbles sitting. She looks very happy.

Picture number 6 is Bubbles in a ballet tutu. She looks so cute in a tutu!!!!!!!!!! I think this picture is my favorite picture of Bubbles. If you have a favorite Powerpuff Girl let me know. If Bubbles is your favorite that is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

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