Monday, July 20, 2009


Monday July 13TH, 2009 I went to Sixflags with my boyfriend Angel. I woke up at 5:30 A.M. that morning because I was so excited!!!!!!!!! I met up with Angel at 7:00 A.M. at Port Authority Bus Terminal and we had breakfast at the Starbucks that where he works at. We got on the bus at 8:00 A.M. and we began our trip to Sixflags in New Jersey. The bus arrived at Sixflags at 9:30 A.M. and the first thing Angel and I did was look in the gift shops that way I would know what things I wanted to get for myself and my family when it was time to leave. The first ride Angel and I rode on was Nitro and you won't believe what I did. I actually wanted to ride the front row of Nitro and it happened. I asked Angel if he thought I was crazy about going front row and he wanted to do it too. I would just like to say riding front row was possibly the scarest thing I've ever done but it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! The first drop is crazy especially when your riding the front row of Nitro. I got the idea to do it from a video on when these three guys made a video riding the front row of Nitro. I thought it was so daring that I wanted to do it too. I also rode on all the other roller coaster at Sixflags including the newest ride Bizzario. I can't believe I rode on a roller coaster that spits out fire twice!!!!!!!!! Angel wanted to go on Kingda Ka but sadly the ride was closed because it was broken. I felt relieved because when I rode on Kingda Ka last year I freaked out!!!!!!!!!! After the first ride on Nitro I relized I lost my hair scruchie. Angel was surprised that happened and he was sweet enough to help me find a gift shop name Jersery Girls that sold scruchies. I bought a black scruchie for $3.99 which I think was too expensive but I didn't care because my hair was a mess. Angel rented this gadget known as the flash pass. It's a device that a person can reserve a time for any ride they want. The best part is no long lines. Angel and I had a blast at Sixflags and we didn't barf once. We even saw a lot of classic looney tunes characters and the old sixflags man Mr. Six. Angel and I stuffed our faces with this cheese bread from Papa John's, Popcorn and this ice cream called dippin dots. Angel and I bought what we wanted from different gift shops before we went back home to New York. I bought a superman bowl and plate for my nephew Anthony, a pink lemonade pitcher for my mom, a snowglobe for myself and a small slot glass cup for my sister Jessica. It was a long ride back home and I didn't get home until after 11:00 P.M. Everyone liked their gifts and couldn't believe I actually rode the front row of Nitro. That trip to Sixflags is something I'll always remember.

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