Sunday, July 26, 2009

Beauty and The Beast

When I was a little girl my favorite Disney movie has always been and always will be Beauty and The Beast. I was four years old when this movie was released on Friday November 22ND, 1991. I think it's one of the most beautiful story ever told. It's about a girl name Belle and a beast who thought he would never find love. The beast was under a spell because he turned away a old woman who was really a enchantress from the cold. Just because the old woman wasn't pretty doesn't mean you leave her in the cold. That is how the self fish prince became the beast. If anyone has seen Beauty and The Beast then you know who Bell is. If not Belle is the girl the beast falls in love in the movie. He keeps her as his prisoner for her father's freedom. At first Bell wanted nothing to do with the beast but when he saves her from the wolves that were going to kill her after she ran away from the beast when he got mad at Bell for going into the forbidden west wing. They got to know each other more and more each day. The beast in time did fall in love with Bell but he knew she miss her father. He let her go because Bell saw how sick he was throught a magic mirror the enchantress gave to him to see the world. With great sadness in his heart the beast let Bell go. However he knew if he did that then the spell that turned him into a beast would last forever. When Gaston a villain in the movie who was indeed hansom but also pig headed. I say this about Gaston because in the movie he wants to marry Bell only because he though she was as beautiful as him. Gaston wants to kill the beast so he can Bell to himself. He stabbed the beast in the back before falling to his death from the castle. Bell thought the beast was going to die and said to him, "I love you." Of course the beast didn't die and he was turned into a prince again. The spell was broken and all the servants who were turned into household objects were human again. At first Bell didn't believe that the prince was the beast but when she looked in his eyes Bell knew it was him. Beauty and The Beast taught me something I will never forget and that is beauty is found in anything or anyone. You have to look with not just your eyes but with your heart. I found some pictures from Beauty and The Beast. Picture number 1 is Bell on a swing with Chip the teacup on her lap and the beast is looking at her with a smile. I really like that picture which is why I put it on my blog.
Picture number 2 is a scene from Beauty and The Beast where Bell and the prince are dancing together and everyone is watching happily. Bell and the prince look very happy together.

Picture number 3 shows Bell and the beast about to dance together. The talking objects in the picture are Lumiere the candle stick, Mrs. Pots, her son Chip the teacup, Lumiere's girlfriend Fifi the featherduster and Cogsworth the clock.

Picture number 4 is Bell and the prince dressed for their big wedding day. I think they both look wonderful dress in white and gold. I wish they show that in the movie. That would be awesome.
Picture number 5 is a painting of Bell and the beast talking a walk in the garden in fancy clothes.

Picture number 6 is Bell wearing a beautiful golden gown. In the movie she wears the gown when she dances with the beast before and after he became a prince again.

Picture number 7 is Bell, the beast and the talking objects ice skating together. This picture is actually from Beauty and The Beast the Enchanted Christmas where Bell tries to give the beast a little Christmas spirite. I hope you all like the pictures I posted. Let me know which one is your favorite.

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