Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Graduation Day

Hello world I have these words to say. I Kristine Ann Melendez graduated from my GED High School Access on Tuesday June 22ND, 2010. I'm so happy I finally graduate. My mom, my older sister Jessica and my homegirl Fiorella came in honor of me. I woke up early this morning all happy about my special day. YAY FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!! My sister Jessica took these pictures at the graduation sight which was at St. Francis College in Brooklyn New York. That is me with my sister Jessica.
That's me with the principal of Access Ms. Linda.

That's me and one of my former teacher's John. I was in his computer class when I attended Access. He taught me how to upload pictures into the computer and he set me up with this blog.

That's me and my homegirl Fiorella. I told her I had an extra ticket and she was happy to go. I'm glad she came because she wanted to see me graduate.

That's me and my mom. My mom doesn't like taking pictures of herself and I don't know why. I'm glad that I had my family, my homegirl and everyone else at graduation to share this special day with.

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John G said...

Great post. Congratulations on graduating!!!!
Good Luck